Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm is the first of three compiled/writted by Brandon Sanderson after RJ's death. RJ was working on A Memory of Light and lucky for us left behind notes and recordings of how the story ends. With a few exceptions, Sanderson does a good job.

  • Mat, Rand, and Perrin all see the need to work with the Seanchan
  • Regular citizens begin to rally for the last battle
  • I think Taim is Moridin (Ishamael)
  • Tuon assumes her role as Empress (may she live forever)
  • Gawyn leaves Elaida's came to "save" Egwene
  • Semirhage escapes with the help of Elza, who I never trusted, and captures rand with the domination band. Rand realized the True Power and wipes her out. He blames Cadsuane and banishes her
  • Seanchan attack the tower
  • Rand uses balefire on Grendal's camp, concerning Nynaeve enough to work with Cadsuane with the goal of resorting his soul
  • There's a big timeline fuckup in this book with Tam and Rand and Perrin and Morgase
It's obvious that RJ didn't write all these chapters. Still, great, great story. Next up: Towers of Midnight.

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