Friday, May 25, 2012

Knife of Dreams

Knife of Dreams is book 11 in the series, and the last book out before RJ's death.
  • Elayne wins the throne, finally
  • Egwene is still captive in the White Tower, and is slowly chipping away at Elaida's control. She accepts her punishments like an Aiel, and RJ obviously had a thing about spankings  
  • Semirhage tries to fake out Rand with a meeting of a Daughter of the Nine Moons imposter. Rand captures her and loses his hand for his troubles
  • Matt and Tuon are married and she leaves for Ebou Dar. She learns that she is the Empress (may she live forever)
  • Perrin rescues boring old Faile
  • Taim is most certainly a Forsaken, ending the book with the "let the Lord of Chaos rule" saying -- EEK!
Next up: The Gathering Storm!

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