Sunday, July 01, 2012

Towers of Midnight

This is the last book, so far.

  • Graendal lives. She tricked Rand with the compulsion
  • Egwene take the Tower
  • Rand as Jesus with the apples
  • Seanchan bloodknives are killing in the tower. Egwene thinks it's Mesaana
  • Nynaeve can heal madness
  • Mat is still pursued by the gholam
  • Mat writes to Elayne in hilarious fashion
  • Perrin meets up with the White Cloaks and Galad
  • Perrin embraces (finally) the wolf dream and the wolf
  • I think Lara might be Masaana - just a hunch stolen from B
  • Mat, Tom, and Jain Farstrider save Moiraine from the snakes and foxes. JF doesn't make it out
  • Gawyn saves Egwene, who defeats Mesaana in the dream world
  • Elaida shows the Seanchan traveling
  • Avienda sees the future of her descendants and that the Seanchan will defeat the Aiel
  • There is a split in the Black tower between those loyal to Taim and Logain
  • The gathering of rulers begins to try and stop Rand from breaking the seals
  • Trollocs attach Caemlyn - Verin's letter is finally revealed
Next up, in January, A Memory of Light. I cannot wait.

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