Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Dragon Reborn

My thoughts on book 3:
  • Matt never accepts his fate. He always wants to leave, but he really doesn't want to go back to Emond's Field.
  • Nynaeve is driven because she sees herself as the protector of the Emond's Fielders. She is also driven by hatred of Moiraine.
  • The Dragon Reborn was very light on Rand; the focus was on moving all the main characters to Tear.
  • ALL of Min's viewings come true. Never doubt what she sees.
  • Rand always thinks that he's defeated Shai'tan in the early books!
  • The Forsaken body count: Aginor, Be'lal, Ishamael/Ba'alzaomon.
  • We now know who The People Of The Dragon are. In that, the legends of the various peoples start to bleed together.
  • Moiraine's role is really becoming more to remind the ta'veren who they are than to guide them.
  • This is among my favorites of the books - a lot of great focus on the "girls" perspective and a lot of fantastic character development. Faile is an annoying character, IMO, and we meet her here, but otherwise this was a fun re-read and a fantastic story.
  • Next up, The Shadow Rising

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