Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WoT Read, Read, Read

Sly B and I are both re-reading the massive Wheel of Time series in anticipation of the final installment in March. I thought it might be fun to do a series of posts that are just thoughts on each book. Not reviews, just thoughts. My review is this: I fucking love these books.

I've read the first 10 books in the series at least twice - some more than that. The latest books and the prequel I've only read once, so this is very exciting.

So I am currently rounding the corner to the end of book #3 The Dragon Reborn. Sly B is on book #8 already. She may or may not participate in this - I haven't even asked her yet.

Here are my initial thoughts on the first two books: I've read The Eye of the World the most of all of these novels and love the book. It introduces us to our core characters and gives us the messianic tropes, the fantasy usual suspects, and just a short quick peek into how vast this world is going to be. It shows us that not only is Rand critical to this story, but Perrin and Matt and Egwene and Nynaeve are also crucial.

The Great Hunt, I think, is my favorite of the series. I love how this novel pulls in the other crucial pieces of this world - the Whitecloaks, the Aiel, the Seanchan, the Foresaken, Darkfriends. I LOVE this book.

I know a lot of my buddies, and my brother-in-law, also love these books. It's just been SO ENJOYABLE to re-read this series so far. And, I'd better hurry up or I'm not going to finish by March.

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