Friday, November 18, 2011

'bout got 'er licked

Sly B and I visited Big Beaver Brewing Co. in Loveland last week. Coincidentally, we'd just read a review of the brewery that claimed, and I paraphrase, that "unless you're a feminist or someone who hates fun you'll love this place." So two feminists walk into a bar. Aside from my being hit on by a biker, I'd say our man-hating, joyless, politically ridiculous feminism remains completely intact.

Just kidding, obviously. The review in question was silly. The brewery is stupendously unique as a spot - wonderfully home-made tables; friendly bartender; friendly patrons (especially that biker). It had a great vibe all the way around. The joke in the logo and name and tagline is continued in the brews:

-Beaver Stubble Stout (appreciated by a buddy)
-Bust-A-Nut Brown
-Potent Peter IPA
-Screw The Pooch Ale (my favorite)
-Whiskey Dick Stout

and so on. Feminists can laugh at that. We're proof.

I predict that in ten years, this is going to be a big, festival winning brewery. They've got the right stuff, no doubt. The beers are each unique and robust and true to style.

If you're in Northern Colorado and can, check this joint out. It's fantastic.

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