Friday, June 17, 2011

Not A Unique Game of Thrones Thought

Note: Topless Robot beat me to this, and as you should know is a much better blog. Even so, I'm going to post this as I've been thinking it for a few days.

Spoilers herein:

I am really enjoying the mass freak-out over Eddard Stark's beheading. Non-readers, welcome to our world. The world of us who've read these books for AGES, waiting impatiently for the next installment; hoping that our favorite character isn't the next one to bite it; realizing that he/she IS the next one to bite it and finding a new favorite character. This is how G.R.R. Martin does it. If you're mad now, JUST WAIT!

Bye-bye, Ned. B-uh-b-uh.

Bwahahahahahaha . . . uh . . . ha . . . cough.

Seriously, the show is good. I'm not ga-ga over it like I am over The Killing or Nurse Jackie or Treme, but it's good. Well done, again, HBO.

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