Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Finales and New Seasons

Two shows that Sly B and I watched religiously for their first seasons ended on Sunday: The Killing and Game of Thrones.

The Killing ended with a twist that's gotten a lot of bad press. I liked it. Holder is one of my favorite characters on the show, and I like that he's not just a recovering addict who doesn't have much agency. It was refreshing to learn that he's more complex than the nice, humble guy we thought he was and that he's up to something. The Salon.com editor argues that these two are the worst police ever -- I don't think I agree. Their investigation was obviously riddled with misinformation, and someone is using them to take down a powerful politician. I love this show. I love how, as B pointed out early on, it focuses on the grief of the family. I also just love the damaged Linden. What a great TV character.

Game of Thrones ended just the way B said it would as we began the episode. Really, she should be a TV writer and we should live in a big house and I shouldn't have to work. She always knows who did it and what will happen. I enjoyed the first season of GoT. I think that HBO did a great job of translating a very detailed universe into an easily digestible show while not losing the complexity of all of the players. I think that the casting of the Dothraki could have been truer to the book, with darker-skinned people -- that was my biggest disappointment. I also think turning a mid-important character into a gay character was puzzling, but I'm all for the gay, so I live with it. What I DO love: the visual of the wall and especially the tunnel through the wall - AMAZING; the casting of Dani; the actress who plays Arya. I'll keep watching, definitely. It's pretty good!

What I'm most excited about now is that the next Song of Ice and Fire comes out in about a month. Of course, I've got it pre-ordered and cannot wait. Also, Nurse Jackie has become one of my favorite shows. It ended last night, I think, but we haven't watched the episode yet.

Summer watching will include: True Blood (the latest Sookie book is out and in the queue for both of us as well), The Big C (love Laura Linney), Torchwood, Falling Skies, Rescue Me if we can tolerate what's become of this beloved show for another season, and a rewatch of Deadwood on our newly acquired bluray DVDs.

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