Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Wire Rewatch - Accomplished!

I finished my second complete watch of The Wire this morning at a very early hour. I enjoyed every minute of watching, and only found my mind wandering a bit during Season 1 episodes that I've seen many, many times.

A few thoughts as I digest:
  • The series is very like a Shakespearean tragedy in structure and resolution. Our heroes - actually EVERYONE in the piece - are flawed and capable of both good and evil; nothing lasts; the mighty and the wicked fall, but there's always someone in line to take their place; etc. This is not news, and lots been written about this.
  • My next re-watch of the series in a few years will focus on the mothers in the series. In late Season 3 I realized that there might be some subtext about the power of the mother in the show, but I'm not sure. So far, here's what I think: a lot of the worst characters are the moms. D'Angelo's mom, Nayman's mom, Michael's mom, Dukie's mom, Nick's mom, maybe more . . .
  • Favorite character: Kima tied with Omar tied with Bunk tied with Bubbles. But mostly Kima.
  • Someone needs to do a re-watch podcast with each episode being a podcast episode. Maybe a roundtable type of thing. No douchebags, though. Anyone interested? Maybe 2 years down the road, I'm thinkin'.
So now I shift my attention to Battlestar Galactica. Same level of goodness, different kind of thing. Stay tuned . . .


LostRalph said...

This will make how many times you've watched BSG? I've been meaning to rewatch it myself, but I generally only watch the pilot movie, and one or two other eps.

EssBee said...

Just the 2nd, Ralph. I'm really looking forward to it!