Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Night Random

  • My babe loves Fletch. I never got that movie.
  • Evil, Inc. was almost too much to bear this week. Today I was asked who I wanted to be my boss, which I thought was hilarious. The reason? HR is writing an org chart and I can't NOT have a boss. Good a reason as any, I guess.
  • I am very close to the end of my Sookie book and my Robert Jordan audiobook. I can't wait to finish either.
  • Tonight: reading and maybe a little Olympics.
  • My friend lost her dad yesterday. I'm thinking about her and life and how fortunate Sly B and I are.


2raysmama said...

In answer to your next question: Yes, EssBee I will be your boss. I care very deeply about my place on the org chart. Especially since in the most recent version I had my figurative balls chopped off. a day in the life of the Death Star (I object to evil inc). Enough blogging and drinking for one night.

EssBee said...

Yes, you as my boss sounds fantas . . . wait, you have balls?