Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Morning Random

I'm sitting in a coffee shop in Aurora that shall go unnamed, drinking a sub-par Americano that I paid 3x too much for. Sly B is in a meeting until 1:00, so I am killing time/reading/people watching.
  • I finished my Sookie book last night. I've already started All Together Dead, the next book in the series. That Sookie does get herself into the damndest predicaments.
  • I have 3 hours left in my Robert Jordan audiobook. Poor Rand! The red sisters have captured him, and nobody even knows it yet!
  • My aunt is throwing a family bbq today. The weather is rotten for such a thing, but I'm still looking forward to seeing everyone. We're meeting at the dairy, and they have a huge shed that I'm sure they'll set the food and beer up in.
  • I continue to think a lot about Sly B and my good fortune.
  • We are watching Mad Men (Sly B proved me wrong and is watching with me). I like the series alright, but I don't really see what all the fuss is about. It's ok.

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