Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Enthralling Regular Folks with Shiny Things

I just thought it was past time to document how good EssBee is at converting regular humans into Whedon-lovers. I think it must be her technique. For those who know EssBee, she is a woman of few words. When she has something to say, it is usually worth listening. (there is always the slim chance that I find all her words mesmerizing, cuz I think she is the best lady in the universe, but I think in this case, I am not biased) I am intrigued by the number of people who are now wholly enamored with Joss Whedon's creations because EssBee put them on the right path. Really, Joss' work speaks for itself - the only reason someone would not like it is because they are dead inside. It goes without saying that we have 2 copies of the best season of television ever made - Firefly. We are supposed to have one to keep and one to lend out. We usually have both of them lent out. I have yet to report one successful conversion. One of the guys I tired to convert referred to Firefly as "some strange sci-fi show with B-list, no-name actors". I didn't stick around to see if he would try to eat my brains, but that's usually what comes of my conversion attempts. EssBee, on the other hand, has unparalleled success at conversion. Her latest conquest is now freaking out about finding Once More With Feeling for her iPod. Sure, it could just be that I am surrounded by zombies and EssBee spends her day with people who are not dead inside (doubtful, considering she works at Evil Inc), but I'm convinced it is her technique. All I know is that if she is this good at conversion, and there is such a thing as the Gay Agenda, ya'll better hide your daughters!

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EssBee said...

Joss is Boss. How is that not obvious to everyone?

I do have one failure, but she is pretty much a hopeless case. We can't expect her to know what's good or like it.

Sly B: *swoooon*