Monday, June 02, 2008

Other Movie Reviews

Sly B and I went with my mom to see Indy IV on Saturday. I went in with low expectations, a spoiler from my buddy Ironicpink, and just a readiness to see an adventure flick. I was not disappointed at all. I loved the movie - it made me remember loving Indy when i was a kid.

Four out of five nipples.

We also caught 3:10 to Yuma on DVD and enjoyed it. I love Christian Bale, and would watch him in pretty much anything (except America Psycho). This was a good shoot-em-up, and Russell Crowe, who is not my favorite, was great too.

Four out of five nipples

Next (I'm not really sure about the order in which we watched these), we checked out an older flick, A Thousand Acres. This is a King Lear reworking that is pretty disturbing. It's about an Iowa farmer who deeds his massive acreage to his three daughters, and what happens next. A great show, but a serious story.

Four out of five nipples.

This one was awesome. The Martian Child was so touching, and John Cusack was excellent. I would recommend this one to anyone with a soft spot for abandoned kids. I love John Cusack.

Five out of five nipples.

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