Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Sheesh, what a day at work. The douchebag/non-douchebag ratio continues to swing in exactly the wrong direction. "Deathstar" may be too cool of a moniker for that fuckin' place. There's nothing to be done for it except to leave work at work and enjoy my evening.

Here I wait for Sly B, with leftover ribs in the oven. It's chilly here today and the fire is burning, so the oven is a nice addition. I'll add to that leftover baked beans, leftover bbq potato chips, and leftover corn on the cob (the frozen variety). I'm sipping (gulping) at a Newcastle, and listening to Buffy Between the Lines.

I'm reading Fool Moon, book 2 of the Dresden Files. This is my second copy, as I left the first one on the plane from Vegas. Jim Butcher spins a very fun tale. Harry Dresden is hot for a guy.

I have on deck a new issue of the Angel comic, a new Firefly comic (the last of the trilogy), and a new Hellboy comic. I think I'll finish the Dresden book before I leap into these.

Okay, going to kick off the shoes and get comfortable (with another Newcastle, no doubt).

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