Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Day of Wisdom

EssBee and I had an amazing "holiday" with my brother and his gorgeous family...partner, Tobie, and delicious girls - Zoe (6) and Leah (3). Typically, my mom is also at these family gatherings, but she's in Canada right now, eh. When mom's around Zoe and Leah talk to her and not so much to their Aunties. This time, with mom absent, we were their conversants of choice and boy did we learn a ton! Actually, EssBee was the lucky one to get all the inside info and questions. Here are my two favorite:

Runner Up: "When are you guys going to get some kids?" (asked with a very serious face, and heartfelt concern in the middle of lunch)

#1: In the midst of general conversation. "Auntie." "Yes, Leah?" "I eat my boogers...sometimes."


EssBee said...

I would dispute your ordering of favorites. Nothing tops the "when are you guys gonna get some kids?" question in my book. She also awesomely told us about pooping and peeing, which she is so expert at these days (she doesn't always poop when she pees, but she does try).

2raysmama said...

How did Aunties respond to the inquiry? I bet it was similar to a comment essbee made a couple of weeks ago regarding her famed ipod. She would "forget to feed my kids" given how much she listens to it.

Well, sweet nieces, the ipod alone sounds like a pretty good reason to me. By the way, good job in the bathroom duties. Might as well give it shot while you are there peeing anyway.

Riotrant said...

Its good to know that the "lick it-don't flick it" solution for unwanted boogers has been reinforced in yet another generation.

Ah...Brings a tear to my eye.

EssBee said...

2rays, I think that Sly B told Leah that we weren't gonna get any kids because we had too much fun with the 10 nieces and nephews (#11 in the oven) that we already have. We try to the keep the iPod-related neglect of other living creatures on the QT.