Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Errors and Additions

First, this is post #250. That's gotta count for something.

Second, "Vanamonde", not "Vandamonde". Sorry, Van.

Third, when I said I hoped Sly B and I could have 39 more years together, I meant 999.

Fourth, Deadpan = motherfucking way.

Fifth, I've got one vote for "Deathstar" and zero for "Evil Empire." So far, it's a landslide.

Sixth, how much E&O coverage would a Deathstar need to have to recoup $12M?

Seventh, the douchebag/non-douchebag ratio at work took another dive in the wrong direction this afternoon. Ironicpink will be missed on the job. VBI will be the next big huge thing in treating employees like human beings.

1 comment:

EssBee said...

This was actually post 248. The "7" in my 247 looked like a "9" last night. Damn Jameson.