Thursday, May 15, 2008

Random, AKA Scattered

I'm happy tonight because I'm not going into the Deathstar tomorrow. A nice man is coming to install an attic fan for us so that we don't cook in our sleep in August.

Jack Mangan gave me a few choices for my requested AKA. I'm trying to decide what I like the best. Among his selections were:
  • EssBee, AKA Uneasy Bee;
  • EssBee, AKA Sleazy Bee;
  • EssBee, AKA Smooth as Buttah (which seems to be a crowd fave);
  • EssBee, AKA Sacrebleu; and
  • a Roman historical one that I didn't get and don't remember
Any thoughts? I like all of them, actually. Maybe I'll just have 5 AKAs!


Riotrant said...

I'm putting in my vote for Sleazy-Bee and Smooth as Buttah. Perhaps SleazyBeeSmoothAsButtah?

ditto said...

Smooth as Buttah is pretty cool. :)

BTW, the Roman joke was referencing this:

EssBee said...

Aha! ditto to the rescue yet again.

You know, I am still really liking Sacrebleu!