Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I love BSG. One week, and Season 4 starts. Yippee!

I'm missing The Wire.

I just subscribed, finally, to Heaven: Season 1 on

Torchwood is getting scary! And damn is it good. Ianto is a wedding fairy, and I love him.

I work with some fantastic, kick ass, hardworking people. I also work with some real losers. Why do some people have to be such douchebags? I continue to strive to being a mensch, but damn those fools make it hard for me.

We watched the finale of The L Word. Why does Shane always hurt the ones she loves? How did Jenny end up kinda cool? Does anyone who can see the orange in my font care about Bette and Tina anymore?

The Tudors starts up with Season 2 this Sunday. I'm kinda looking forward to that.

I'm going to pick up the newest Widespread Panic album pretty soon. I listened to Panic all day at work - it's probably what kept me from hollering at aforementioned douchebags. I watched their DVD Panic in the Streets last night and it brought me a lot of great memories. Mostly, stumbling out of Red Rocks with Lil' Toni after the Leftover Salmon/Panic show in around '95. Ain't life grand?

I'm still enjoying Clockers, but it's turning out to be a slow read for me.

I have a really annoying injury to my right ankle. I tore up those tendons playing basketball another lifetime ago and didn't have the surgery I should have. Ever since then I have injured it badly probably a dozen times. I just did it again today, so here I sit with my giant ankle and an ice pack.

OMG, Admiral Adama is everyone's daddy. Kat was an annoying pain in the ass, but "The Passage" was a sweet ass episode. Him sitting with her at the end was super touching. There is still hope for humanity in moments like that.

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