Friday, March 28, 2008

Full, Free PDF of INFECTED

This is a repost from Scott Sigler's website:
Crown Publishing is letting me give away the PDF of INFECTED from March 27 through March 31, leading up to the hardcover in-store release on April 1. So download it! Feel free to email the link to anyone you know.

Please do not email the PDF, email the LINK. This is so I can prove to Crown the value in giving away content, and if your friends click on the link, that counts on their server stats - emailing the PDF doesn't count on the stats.

Click here to download the free PDF of INFECTED


2raysmama said...

I have my free pdf and the audio version pre-ordered on Amazon. I feel somewhat infected already.

EssBee said...

Wow! I think I get original junkie points for that. Now if we could just get you a frackin' iPod.