Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Podcast Recommendation: UltraCreatives Interview Series

I have been enjoying J.C. Hutchins' UltraCreatives Interview Series Podcast since episode #1. J.C., author of the fantastic 7th Son Podcast Novel Trilogy, interviews movers and shakers from the social media community about their projects, creativity, and life in general. At first, I wasn't sure that it was up my alley, but I really enjoy each episode that comes out. It is an opportunity to listen to successful people who do things that I'm interested in, and learn about what drives them. J.C. is a great interviewer and asks questions that get to interesting answers.

My favorite episode so far was the latest, his interview with Guy Kawasaki. Kawasaki is an inspiring entrepreneur who has great ideas, is super creative, and takes no shit off of anyone. I enjoyed hearing about Kawasaki's past with Apple and his views on business and taking risks. My favorite part of the interview, though, was at the end when J.C. asked him to explain his philosophy on "being a mensch." I found that concept so appealing and so in line with my personal philosophy that I wanted to share the above link and encourage you all to listen to the interview and then visit Kawasaki's blog.

To be a mensch is to be a gentlemen, or the type of person who is kind and generous for the sake of being kind and generous. A mensch is a rich man who is kind to a waiter, or a middle-class dyke who volunteers tons of time at the county safehouse. A mensch is someone who helps another person without expecting return. A mensch is someone who cares about doing the right thing. I love this, and since hearing the interview have found Kawasaki's blog post on the topic (linked above), and am practicing every day. I want to be a mensch.

So, here are the three things I want people to say about me when I die (subject, of course, to change):

1. She was a good daughter.
2. She was a loyal friend and loyal illegal gay spouse.
3. She knew how to laugh and enjoy life when the work was done.

What are your three things?

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J.C. Hutchins said...

EssBee, you ROCK! Thanks so much for blogging about my interview podcast. I appreciate the kind words, and I'm thrilled you enjoyed the Guy Kawasaki interview. It was a blast chatting with him!