Monday, March 24, 2008

Hate to say Goodbye

Our little niece Zoe used to dissolve into tears anytime it was time for someone to go - whether she was leaving with her family after a visit, or whether we were leaving them to go home. Our newest niece, Raya (15 months) does the same thing when something fun has to end (like zooming around on a 4-wheeler held between daddy's knees or hanging upside-down from an auntie's knee). I've realized I have the same reaction to saying goodbye at the airport.

I hate the airport when it's a departure (I quite like the arrivals). I notice that I get sad when I just drop EssBee off for a 4-day work trip, or even if I'm sending my mom off on a family visit. Last night I took my brother, Tomas, his fabulous wife, Shawna, and their two delicious kids Cem (3 yrs) and the aforementioned, Raya, to the airport and the tears flowed freely. The bye-bye waves from Raya as they snaked around the loooong line to security were heart-wrenching. Even Cem being "helpful" and driving the adults around him over the edge was endearing (those little fingers can make a touch screen a mom's worst enemy).

The house sure is quiet today.

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EssBee said...

Our house is indeed quiet and a little sad. I miss those kids a lot. Just think though, babe, we have the little black handprints on the blinds and the manamana monster to remember them.