Saturday, March 01, 2008

Loving Mixed Taster Packs

I brought home a Mixed Pack from Flying Dog Brewery recently. Man, oh man, this is good damn beer. I absolutely LOVED, in a 9 out of 10 way, every beer in the box except the In-Heat Wheat Hefeweizen. I'm not a fan of that sweet yeasty stuff. Real standouts are the previously mentioned Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale and the Old Scratch Amber Lager. The Snake Dog IPA was yummy too. I even liked the Road Dog Porter, which usually isn't my cuppa. I recommend this beer to any soul in need to a nice buzz. Get some, most def.

I also ordered up a sampler from Grounds for Change coffee company. I had recently spoiled myself with a new burr grinder, and needed to really test it. You understand, don't you? This coffee company is 100% organic and fair trade, and roasts the beans after you order them. It's excellent smells and tastes. So far, I've tried: Solstice Blend, which was dark and complex and yum; Bolivia "Los Yungas", which was on the lighter side, and my least favorite so far; Peru "Cafe Femenino", which is extra dark and my extra favorite so far. It's also grown by women, which makes me like it even more; and Sumatra "Telong", which is my second favorite so far. Not too dark, not too light, complex and yummy with some cream in it. I've got two blends to try still -- this 6-pack will last me about 6 weeks. I brew an 8 cup pot every morning. I'll be ordering from them again, no question.

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