Friday, February 29, 2008

Marking My Calendar

I just realized that today marks the 8th anniversary for me at my job. Nobody else knows, partly because this is a dysfunctional organization like most corporations and communication (not to mention emphasis on the value of the people here) is for shit, partly because I try to stay fairly invisible in my middle management position. From an invisible middle, I find I can make the most impact.

Since it's a milestone kinda, I'll take up this space to say, I still think what I do makes a difference. At yearend 2006, 1,570,861 people were imprisoned in this country. The number of people (mostly of color) incarcerated in 2006 continued to grow. Illiteracy rates in prisons are staggering. If a person cannot read, s/he cannot work even the lowest paid jobs. To work in fast food, or on a dock unloading cargo, one needs at least functional literacy skills.

The end result of what I do, even though what that is becomes more and more absurdly Dilberty on a daily basis, is kids and adolescents learning how to read. I can still get behind that after 8 years.

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