Saturday, March 15, 2008

BookReview - Wild Seed

I'm sick today with a fever and an earache and general all-over crud. This has allowed me a bit of time to nap and finish Wild Seed by Octavia Butler this afternoon while Sly B got acquainted with our nephew and niece who are visiting from Canada. They, if you have to ask, are fabulous.

Wild Seed was one of those reads for me that was absorbing and fast. I got into the story quickly, and finished the almost 300 pages quickly. My job is from hell, mind, so "quickly" means during the short spurts I actually had to read the last few weeks. But that's another story for a day when i don't feel like hammered shit.

The book is about a demon named Doro who has lived for thousands of years. He breeds humans like cattle. He meets Anyanwu, a seemingly immortal African woman, and takes her into his family. Anyanwu is "wild seed" the type of genetic person that Doro is looking for as he builds his people. She is also a shape-shifter. After generations, it turns out that Anyanwu is the match that Doro has been looking for since almost the beginning of time. He couldn't control her as he did everyone else.

As a feminist, I was pretty troubled by how this story ended. Doro treats Anyanwu like a slave for hundreds of years. Can there ever really be a happily ever after from there?

I give this book 7 out of 10 nipples. I recommend it, because I enjoyed the journey, and would love one of y'all to read it so we can talk about it.

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