Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Night Random

The family left about 4 hours ago, and the population of this house dropped from a happy 7 (to 18 at one point) to 1, AKA little ole me. The nieces and nephew from Canada, and the nieces from Denver (part of the 18) are way fabulous. I'd even go so far as to say "perfect." It's awesome to have that child energy in the house, even though the little guy tried to stick almost everything he could lift into the DVD player. It's now bachelor night until Friday.

The latest Buffy Season 8 issue hit our door last week. It's SUPER funny.

I just watched No Country for Old Men. Stay tuned for a review. Right now, "meh." But the story is still pinballing around in the old open space between my ears.

I'm now watching Phish Live in Las Vegas on DVD. Great background noise as I balance the checkbook, pay bills, fold clothes, and heat my soup.

I was sick as a dog yesterday. Theraflu is HORRIBLE shit. But it works. Today, I'm just headachey.

I started reading Clockers yesterday. I miss The Wire and hear that Richard Price novels are a good substitute. Clockers was the inspiration for The Wire, and Price wrote several episodes. So far, it's great.

My brother-out-law and I spent a little time today looking at prop replicas online. Sly B was with us for a bit, but left because of the thick geek scent in the air.

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Sly B said...

For the record, it was not the geek fog that sent me out of the room, it was the lure of laughing children that was irresistible. Watching a 15 month-old dance her heart out to a purple mechanical monster singing Manamana should not be missed.