Friday, December 07, 2007

Poll Results for Week Ending 12/6/07

When stacked up against Shane McCutcheon, Justin Timberlake, and Ricardo Montalban, Samuel L. Jackson es mas macho according 4 out of a stunning 7 votes.

I did say recently that I'd have Sam's babies, and I guess that is pretty effing macho if you know me. My vote, though, went to Shane (swoon).

New poll up this morning -- don't forget to vote. Let's try for eight votes this week!


Sly B said...

I think if we would have been rating sex scenes, Shane would have won hands down...mas, mas, mas macho!!

Queen B said...

I loved Jackson in Black Snake Moan! :)

EssBee said...

I LOVED Black Snake Moan.