Thursday, December 06, 2007

Feminist Geeking - A Spell for Chameleon

I was really excited recently to start A Spell for Chameleon, book one of the massive Xanth series by Piers Anthony. Sly B picked it up for me months ago at our favorite used bookstore, and I just knew that reading it would boost my geek cred. The Dragon Page Cover to Cover podcast mentions the Xanth series often, and I had to find out what I'd been missing.

I only got through about 50 pages before I had to quit the book altogether. They misogyny and objectification of women was a lot more than this riot grrl could stomach, fantasy classic or no. In the 50 pages I read, the main character Bink fell in love with hot babe in his village; stood in for a farmer in an attempted rape trial and sympathized with the farmer because of the victim's hotness; got a boner while getting a lift from a hot, buxom centaur; and others.

I know that nerdy guys fantasizing about hot women falling all over them is a ugly stereotype. However, this book is about and for nerdy guys with hot women (and other female creatures) falling all over them. Come on fellas.


nightgigjo said...

Thanks for the visit and the comment. ^^

Thanks also for steering me away from Anthony's work, at least as far as reading for pleasure is concerned. Now, I could get my feminist geek on and analyze the gross misogyny of it all, but reading is for fun, dammit! ^^

I've been enjoying Melissa Scott, Octavia Butler and Sheri Tepper of late, if you need an antidote.

EssBee said...

Thanks for the visit and comment yourself!

Thanks for the recommendations, too. I don't know Scott or Tepper, and will look into both. We have several Butler books on the shelf here that I haven't cracked yet.

Right now, I'm reading the very enjoyable Acacia by David Anthony Durham, which takes the epic fantasy series and puts it into a realm where people of color are rulers and conquerers. So far, so good.