Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Amy Goodman, Will You Marry Me?

Actually, I'm not any more interested in participating in the institution of marriage than you are, Amy. But I love you. I just spent my lunch hour today listening to your and Juan's interview with Lou Dobbs, and it was a beautiful thing. I do love my daily Democracy Now podcast. That is what I call "speaking truth to power."

Lou Dobbs, the racist-spewing gas bag who has millions of viewers every night on CNN, was belittling, condescending, glib, offensive, and full of shit for the entire hour. Amy and Juan, as always, had done their research and illustrated in full color what most of our neighbors are listening to every night. This is racist and this is hate. Period.

***UPDATE: Amy Goodman just posted a brilliant article about this interview. Check it out here.

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Sly B said...

Hm! EssBee has never asked me to marry her. I concur on the choice, though, and will gladly welcome Amy Goodman into a plural-non-marriage any second of the day.