Friday, November 02, 2007

It's Just SO QUEER

Just so you guys know, I'm going to keep posting about Torchwood until you all watch it and give me some feedback.

I love this show. You must watch it. In the last episode we watched, Captain Jack made some pretty bawdy comments toward Ianto, and there was a nice wink-wink between them that just screamed man-on-man love. In the one before that, Tosh hooked up with a hot little number that just so happened to be an escaped alien convict who liked to eat hearts. By my count, that makes every character on the show a big ole queer except Owen. I'm thinking that tomorrow night might just be his chance, though he is pretty hot and heavy with Gwen at the moment.

The reason I think all you straight girls will like the show, even though it's even queerer than Big Love, is because it is super-super smart. The fluidity of the characters' sexuality is a metaphor for what they are doing day-by-day. These folks battle aliens! They have opened their minds in the biggest way, and it follows that their sexuality should be open. They are exploring the existentialist question (and as you all know, this is my favorite kind of sci fi), and tackling all levels of moral and ethical topics along the way.

Did I mention I like the show?

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