Wednesday, October 31, 2007

R.I.P. Crucita

SLY B and I lost our 19 year old kitty, Crucita, last night. She was a good one, and we're gonna miss her. I tried to find a picture of her to post here, but we don't seem to have any electronic pics. She was a very Halloween looking kitty who would have looked perfect in a green wig with a witch's hat.

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Sly B said...

And now I'm convinced that I am part Hagrid, cuz I've been really stupid about my pet the last few days as Crucita was going through all the phases of death.

It's fitting that she died during this season. In honor of Samhain and Dia de Los Muertos, we'll put a plate for her during treat time and perhaps she'll come back from cavorting in kitty afterlife to pay us a visit.