Monday, July 16, 2007

I have big love for Big Love

Sorry I've been gone for a while, folks. I'm back to share my little personal stories!

If you haven’t checked out HBO’s Big Love series, I strongly encourage you to do so (except you, Ironic Pink). Briefly, it’s a 1-hour drama about Bill, a man raised on a ultra-conservative polygamist compound in Utah. He was exiled from the compound at the age of 14 by the compound prophet Roman, and has made his way on his own. He is now a very successful businessman, who owns a Home Depot-like group of stores in Utah. Oh yeah, and he’s a polygamist with three wives, three houses, and three families (and if last week’s episode was trying to tell us something, #4 isn’t far off).

Sly B and I really enjoy binging on HBO series on DVD all at once. We love not having to wait for new episodes. We just finished watching Season 1 last week, and ran through the 4 episodes we had on DVR of Season 2 Friday night and last night. Now we’re all caught up – we hate that.

I love Big Love for a few reasons. First, I have a little thing I’m not ashamed to admit for Chloe Sevigny. I know she blew that guy in The Brown Bunny, but I don’t care. She plays wife #2, Nikki, a pretty scary fundamentalist from the same compound Bill grew up on – and she’s Roman’s daughter. Second, the actress who plays wife #3, Margene, is super, super cute. I have no idea what her name is, but she’s not a very faithful Mormon. She just loves the family and Bill. Third, Bill’s teenaged kids are awesome. Finally, I love the family. This is the queerest show on TV, and it’s about Mormons!! These 3 wives are married to each other as much as to Bill, and the ways they support each other, make their lives together, and deal with their dumb husband are fascinating.

Check it out!

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