Saturday, June 30, 2007

Did you ever?

Did you ever have a strange convergence of things happen all at once in your life? I have recently, and it just makes me think . . .

Within the last 6 months or so, I have been contacted by three "blast from the past" people. The weirdest, and most recent, was earlier this week when I got a voicemail from my 8th grade boyfriend, who we'll call Tee. I haven't seen this man since 1989, on high school graduation day. Apparently, he was "back home" (imagine dirt roads, the county fair, alfalfa fields, and loads and loads of white people) visiting his folks, and decided to look my folks up to track me down. According to my dad, Papa Bee, Tee was "sad" when he "found out I had a partner," but hoped I "was happy." Hmm. That's interesting, isn't it? I'm going to visit Papa and Mama Bee this morning (to help them with my little Bee nieces, which is a whole other story that I'll post here later on), so I'm definitely gonna get to the bottom of that comment, but my little internal voice translates it into, "holy shit, EssBee is a dyke?? Never mind." He he.

So the question I have is this: Is there any point/value/benefit to reconnecting with people from way back when? I'm quickly approaching my 20 year High School reunion, which means I've lived longer not knowing Tee than I lived knowing him (yes, we went through grades K-12 together). Is there anything we have in common? Anything that we could even find to talk about?

I left Tee a voicemail three days ago, and haven't heard back from him.

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