Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Harry's Back, Y'all

Sly B and I, being huge Harry Potter fans (Sly B leaning more towards fanatic, but that’s another story), went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last weekend.

First, a few facts about our little geeky family:

  1. We LOVE the books. We read em, then we buy the audiobooks and listen to em. One of us listens to them over and over and over again. The movies are JUST OKAY.
  2. We are both fairly introverted and crowd-phobic. We never go to opening weekends of movies. But we just couldn’t wait.
  3. We prefer DVDs at home on the couch to movies, but for Harry, we make an exception.

We got to the theater for a 1:30 show, thinking that it was our best chance at an empty show. We didn’t do too badly there. There were about 50 other people in the theater, but no crying kids or talking adults, so we were happy. No popcorn, no sodas, no candy – we had just eaten lunch, so saved our $50.

The previews were pretty cool in and of themselves. There are lots of very cool looking scifi and fantasy films coming out for kids and adults like us (no, not queer. Geeky). We got to see the long trailer for The Golden Compass which Sly B has posted about here, and which I’m currently enjoying. There was another fantasy film previewed with Ian McShane starring that looked fantastic, and a funny Santa film starring Vince Vaughn (secret husband #4) that looks pretty cheesy and fun.

I say all that to just verbalize that it was a very pleasant movie-going experience, which isn’t always the case. I felt like we spent our $10, and didn’t feel screwed.

The movie itself was FANTASTIC. By far, this was the best HP movie to date in my opinion. The actresses who played Luna and Umbridge totally nailed it, and Emma Thompson made me want to marry her. The kids are now young adults, and they are intense, brilliant, and wonderful. Daniel Radcliff, who Sly B don’t love, I think does a great job of playing a seriously damaged teenager. Harry Potter has it rough, folks, and he isn’t getting out of this without some major psychological scars.

Even if you don’t read the books, see this movie. And if you don’t read the books, why are you dead inside? Book # 7 comes out Saturday, and is delivering our copy to our door that day. I have my outfit all picked out!!


2raysmama said...

So who gets to read the book first? Our do you read aloud together? That would be adorable. See, I am not totally dead inside.

EssBee said...

I was gonna say, "that is private," but just can't be that snarky with you. We share very nicely. Or, we'll go buy a 2nd copy Saturday night. Time will tell.

Sly B said...

Well, truth be told, I considered us reading it together the days before it was out (I was feeling a bit guilty that Kris had to wait). But two things changed my mind:

1. Reading out loud moved at about 1/3 the time of reading to myself - I can't stand for it to take that long.


2. Kris refuses to do the voices. I'm sorry, but Umbridge cannot sound the same as Hermione.