Thursday, July 19, 2007

John from Where?

Okay, Ironic, we watched the latest John from Cincinnati episode last night, and I just have to repeat: WTF?

I don’t have a lot of love for nonsense disguising itself as deep meaning (ala lots of contemporary postmodern American literature), and this kinda felt like nonsense to me. We both enjoyed the first 45 minutes of the episode. We both said, “finally, a plot!” But I personally felt somewhat whacked over the head with the appearing and jibbering JfC. I felt like I was supposed to feel bad about not understanding WTF he was spouting. After sleeping on it, though, I think the entire scene was kind of silly. I get that JfC is celestial in some way – maybe even THE amazing dude w/ the same initials. I really liked his appearance to Cissy at the moment of her almost suicide. I really liked his time spent with Vietnam Joe and Bill, and even was okay with his Cass time (though I dislike that character). I just felt like the last scene was serious overkill.

That being said, we enjoyed the first 45 minutes, and will watch another episode. Is that because it looks like David Milch is going to continue dragging much beloved actors from his past shows? Maybe so. I do love me some Mark Paul “Saved By the Bell” Gosselaar.

One additional criticism, though, borrowed liberally from Sly B’s in-viewing comments: why did Butchie have to throw the N-word around 6 or 7 times? Why? So far, there have been two people of color in the show – one the vato who stabs JfC, and the other Ramon who scrubs the pool and serves hot dogs to the white folks. Not cool.

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