Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What's On?

I’m really enjoying this summer’s TV season. Here’s what is on the DVR weekly at casa de Bee and B:

  • The Daily Show, which we always record because we’re old farts & can’t stay up. We usually watch 2 or 3 in a row and fast-forward through the guest interviews. We’re in it for the fake news.
  • The Closer because Sly B has mad love for Kyra S and because we both love Brenda Lee. It’s a good cop show.
  • Big Love – see yesterday’s post.
  • Rescue Me. This is one of the funniest shows on television. Dennis Leary’s character, for no reason that I can put a finger on, reminds me of my dad.
  • Most Haunted, though Sly B and I are almost out of patience for Carl’s fakery.
  • The Wire Season 4 re-run. I love this show, but sadly have missed 2 or 3 episodes due to general DVR and memory malfunctions.
  • Entourage which just cracks me up. I watch this one on my own, usually in the mornings when Sly B is showering.
  • Dexter Season 1 re-run. I just finished up last week, and give it a solid B+. I would recommend this to anyone who wouldn’t have nightmares over serial killer stuff.
  • Meadowlands. This is a new Showtime series that we’re on the fence about. It’s kind of Twin Peaks-ish, but British, and moving really slowly. We’ll give it a few more chances.
  • John from Cincinnati. Okay, WTF? Ironic Pink assures me that last Sunday’s episode was worth hanging in for, so I will, but I can’t speak for Sly B. Is this just David Milch falling off the wagon again? Is HBO just letting him run with it because he’s so smart? Come on, David. Throw us a bone.

There are also a few new series coming out in the next few weeks that I plan to check out. One on TNT with Holly Hunter called Saving Grace (premiers July 23), and one on FX with Glen Close called Damages (premiers July 24). I’m watching both for the stars, and hoping they turn out interesting.

Also, I got Millennium Season 2 on DVD from Riot Rant for my birthday in the queue, I’m working on a rewatch of Battlestar Galactica in fits and starts as I get ready in the mornings, and I found a really cheap copy of The Wire Season 1 on DVD that I’d like to get Sly B to check out with me at some point. We’re also waiting for Netflix to send us Deadwood Season 3, but instead keep getting films from lower on the list because everyone else in the world is renting Deadwood too.

I know that’s a lot. I don’t apologize for it.

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