Monday, May 14, 2007

What's in a Name?

Drumroll please . . . We have a new member! Welcome 2RaysMama!

Noticing her presence made me think that maybe we should discuss our names. Should we each take a guess at the significance/meaning of another member's name? I think I get the names, but how can I be sure?

I'll start.

If I had to guess, 2RaysMama comes from this badass chick being the mother of two little rays of sunshine. How am I doing?


2raysmama said...

That is a pretty good guess, and they are little rays of sunshine. The real explaination is a bit dorky and involves...who else? MADONNA!
Both little tikes share the middle name Ray, as their Mama thought the song "Ray of Light" was pretty cool. It speaks to the potential and significance of the sweet babies.
So, there you go.

PS Thanks for the introduction. I will make a real effort to be badass!

EssBee said...

I totally should have known that. Doh!

EssBee said...

Since you asked nicely, 2RaysMama, EssBee is a bad inside joke between Sly B and I. EssBee is long for S.B., which is short for my favorite fake gag name: Detective Slutbanger. Also, for less . . . ahem . . . mature audiences, Starbuck from BSG.

My porn star name, by the way, is JoJo Pueblo. How 'bout you girls?

Sly B said...

Uh oh..EssBee has her naughty officers mixed up. The detective she's thinking of is Det. GoodSnatch. We heard the name SlutBanger on an episode Tina Fey's Excellent show - 30 ROCK. It was the episode where Jack sets Liz Lemon up with his friend "Thomas" and Liz is reviewing her past loser boyfriends with her colleague. One of her past boyfriends played Halo under the name SlutBanger = S.B. = EssBee.

My porn name is Babe Gay.

IronicPink said...

I just found out that my porn name, and my MOST killer name, is Duchess Palatine.

Ironic Pink comes from a this American Life episode featuring Sarah Vowell who was doing a report on goth culture. She discovered she was so goth, she was a pink. An Ironic goth.