Friday, May 04, 2007

Here I sit, on Friday night with my Stone Brewing Co. Levitation Ale, waiting for SLY B to get her buns home from a late night at work. I thought I'd update my TV list, since it generated such a long list of comments. You guys are so nosy about what I'm doing!

Two and half weeks later, my viewing list has narrowed a bit. It is:
  • Sopranos, of course.
  • Entourage, because it follows Sopranos & is easy to record.
  • Dexter, which is really a messed up show. It's about a serial killer, who was trained to pass as a normal guy by his cop foster father.
  • Tudors
  • Heroes
  • Veronica Mars. This is probably SLY B and my favorite show on TV right now. Poor Roni is not long for this earth, though. I'm almost sure they're gonna cancel it and make the CW completely obsolete.
  • The Shield, which is fantastic. It's a great, great cop show.
  • Law & Order, SVU. Like I said last time: Detective Benson.
  • Lost
  • Ugly Betty
  • 30 Rock
  • Painkiller Jane, which isn't great. I'm not giving up on it because of the hot chick, but it needs to get better quick.
  • Most Haunted
  • Saturday Night Live
  • and now, The Wire, season 4 of which is starting a re-run tomorrow. Thanks for the tip IRONIC PINK.
Notice that Drive is no longer on the list. FOX screwed my Cap'n Tightpants over again. Those bastards. I hate them.

Next time, I'll post about podcasts.

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