Monday, May 14, 2007

The Vulgar Charm of Deadwood

EssBee and I spend every Mother's Day apart from one another - each at our respective momss house. This past weekend was no exception. It's actually a good arrangement. While our moms like their daughters-in-love, they still enjoy spending time with their daughters alone (well, as much as they can pull themselves away from the worship of their ice-cream poopin' sons - our brothers).

I had a GREAT time with my mom this weekend, just being with her. I have to give a restaurant review for any of you who may find yourselves traveling down I-25 southbound and going through the fabulous town of Pueblo. There is a little local joint called Jorge's Sombrero that is TO-DIE-FOR. The absolute #1 thing on the menu is their margaritas. I have become an on-the-rocks gal when it comes to margs, but when Jorge's has the Slurpee machine going, nothing beats their frozen margaritas. I highly recommend ordering one to sip on with the complementary chips-and-salsa. There's nothing remarkable about their salsa, the the chips are freshly fried, and if you talk your server into bringing you a lime from the bar, a sqeeze of lime on the chips make them ambrosia and the salsa is pleasant enough. My favorite thing to eat at Jorge's is Enchiladas Tejanas. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of eating this delicacy - it is simply corn tortillas stacked on top of one another with cheese and onions piled between each layer with a fried egg on top. The hot green chili it was smothered with was tasty! (not very spicy, but the flavor made up for the lack of heat). Mom had a smothered beef sopapilla, and had EssBee been with us, she would have had their Huevos Rancheros. Now, there have been visits to Jorge's when the food has been a bit off, but this last visit was Jorge's at its finest! If you are a menudo fan, their menudo is superb as well AND their bean and cheese dip and guacamole are also fabulous. Everything on their menu is good. I'm also a big fan of their chili fries (smothered in green chili). The only thing that would have made it perfect, had been if we had the day to drink margaritas and a good hotel to walk to... I highly suggest you visit the place should you ever find yourself in the region.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program...

I have my mom signed up for Netflix and she is currently in the middle of the 1st season of Deadwood. EssBee and I watched the first 2 seasons on dvd and fell in love with the show. I must admit that within the first few episodes, I decided that I hated the show - it was just another misogynisitic, racist, testosterone-filled, violent show. There are so many shows in this genre, that I thought I could probably find one where the women were not called cunt at least 20 times each episode. But then, the writing and character development won me over. I still have never watched a show with so many uses of the work C*cksucker (I'm not sure what the rule for profanity is on Blogger), but I absolutely love the show. It was a thrill to get to watch it againt with my mom. I realized something watching 4 episodes with her over the weekend. One of the things that makes Deadwood so incredible is its sudden, surprising moments of gentelness and sweetness. In the midst of all the profanity, violence, and vulgarity are shining moments of humanity. Often times this happens with some of the nicer characters on the show - like the Doctor, or the ex-sherriff - but the most surprising moments of sweetness come from some of the show's most disgusting characters. I think that's what I like most about the show. The characters are very complex and there really aren't any heros - just flawed people.

p.s. I chose my Blogger name from another fabulous tv program...I mean, THE MOST FABULOUS tv program - Firefly. In the episode where Captain Tightpants and the crew help a whorehouse stand their ground, the Madame of the house tries to find out why the Captain hasn't partaken in any of her girls she asks him, "You aren's Sly are ya?" He assures her that he likes girls. It's the only time that the word Sly is used in that context in the show, but it jumped out at me. I don't know if it was meant to only apply to men, but I hear it as being the Firefly 'verse version of Queer. And, of coure, B is the first letter of my first name. Hence, Sly B.

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EssBee said...

I love how you don't mind saying "cunt", but censor "c*cksucker"!!

Mmmmm, Jorge's.

That's all I had to say.