Monday, February 12, 2007

Good Year? Good Year!!

I’m in the mood to make lists. I know it’s already February 12th, but never too late to list my top 10 favorite books, music, TV shows, movies, etc. from 2006. They were, in order of cool to coolest:

#10. Discovering HBO’s Deadwood on DVD – thanks to Janet. SLY B and I love, love, love this series, and don’t understand why HBO cancelled it. Is there no freakin’ justice in the world? Calamity Jane is one of the best female characters on the small screen ever, I think. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. This series will eventually be part of my DVD collection.

#9. The Lost Room miniseries on SciFi. What a story!! Peter Krause (Six Feet Under – hated his whiney character on that show) plays detective Joe Miller, who discovers a lost hotel room, and a gaggle of freaks who invest loads of mystical power into the objects found within. Oh yeah, and his daughter gets lost in the room . . . we watched this during the big snowstorm that hit Denver right before Christmas, and it was a great diversion!

#8. Heroes. Save the cheerleader, save the world, man. This is appointment TV for me.

#7. Discovering the George R. R. Martin A Song of Fire and Ice books, which my friend Aaron Petersen told me to read 5 years ago. This is a smart fantasy series that I highly recommend to anyone who’s got a couple of years worth of patience to dedicate to long novels. He’s writing Book 5 now, so if you hate waiting (SLY B), don’t pick this up just yet.

#6. The Sopranos. Thanks to SLY B’s gramps, who got Season 1 and “hated every second of it”, I was able to steal and watch it, draw SLY B in, and catch all the way up with what is currently out on DVD.

#5. My Ipod! How did I get along without it? I’ll never know. Oh, Janet, thou art wise. I love and subscribe to about 15 podcasts – I have opted not to include them here, but they are among my favorite things.

#4. JazzFest. I got to spend a week in New Orleans in April with good friends, and got to see Ani DiFranco live.

#3. Veronica Mars. Wow, I love this show and its excellent writing. I predict, I’m sad to say, that the CW is going to cancel my beloved show at the end of this season.

#2. Book 11 of the Wheel of Time series (Robert Jordan). Like #7 above, this is a smart fantasy series. This one, though, is the big daddy. He does it all right – great female characters, great story, exceptional writing.

#1. Discovering Battlestar Galactica. This is my newest obsession. I’m still a browncoat first and foremost, but this show is amazing. AMAZING! Starbuck is a girl, Apollo is a tool, and neither one of them deserve the spouses they have. President Roslin rocks – especially when she smokes the occasional fatty with Admiral Adama, or lounges on his couch deciding the fate of the entire human race. I predict, more sadly than in #3 above, that the SciFi Channel is considering cancelling this show. If they do, they’re idiots.

So, there you have it. If there was any doubt that I’m a geek, I feel confident that this will be just the thing for it. Get/watch/read/listen to all of this. Trust me.

What did you love this year?

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Janet said...

my five favorite things of 2006

#5: This American Life on Podcast! I have been listening to this show for ten years, and FINALLY, I don't have to grieve if I miss an episode. Ira Glass is my #2 secret husband.

#4: The Watchmen, by Alan Moore. If you don't get distracted by pretty colors, this is a must read. One of the best novels I've ever read, graphic or not.

#3: Netflix! How did I miss the boat on this for so long? This is nearly instant gratification with anal list-making included! Now, if I only had the patience to actually sit through a movie...

#2: The Brian Jonestown Massacre. It has been AGES since I heard a band with as much sincerity and credibility. They are good in the same way as the Velvet Underground are good, deeply. I don't think there is a band I like more than them anymore.

#1: The Wire, Season Four. The. Best. Show. Ever. I kid you not. If you think Deadwood is good, prepare to have the definitions change.