Friday, February 09, 2007


Fantastic idea!

Excellent suggestions--Sly B!

Might I suggest that we open up the forum to subjects other than our current reading? I'm thinking interesting art, films, music....just thinkin' that this would be a great way to resurrect the blog.
Should this new forum be more free form?

Do we even want to create borders and boundaries as to what topics we are willing to discuss?

Forget about the limp--lets get this up and running!

And since I'm on the subject of resurrection...shall I push some buttons and dare to revisit the bloated corpse of Time Traveler's Wife? Because, you know I was a fan of Savior Henry and his Amazing Technicolor Hard-on! I just love a good Personal Jesus character, especially one that appears to be written by a thirteen year old who just got her boobs.

Here's the material question--was the idea behind the novel all that bad? Admit it. It was a great idea! The story, itself, sucked...but the bones of the novel were solid. Anyway...just wondering if a film version of Time Traveler's Wife would be as disappointing. This might be a case of the film actually being better than the book.


EssBee said...

The movie WILL be better than the book -- that's my prediction.

I say, let's make this blog a total free-for-all. Post about whatever tickles your pickle at the moment.

Sly B said...

The only way the movie could be worse is if it made people's eyes bleed or their heads cave in. I'll watch the movie just to see how someone could take what could have been a very interesting premise and make it not suck as much as the book.

Let's do it. I second the free-for-all...