Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dis 'n Dat

Battlestar Galactica was renewed for at least 13 episodes of a 4th season. YooHoo!!

All network executives are not idiotic. I was gearing up for a rant about how they're all out to ruin my life, but I have to dial that back a quarter of a notch. The rant is still coming -- I just won't have to include the SciFi Channel in my barrage.


SLY B and I started watching season 3 of The L Word on DVD last night. This is a bad, bad soap opera. Straight people: please don't watch this to gain an understanding of lesbians. The L Word is to actual queer reality as Desperate Housewives is to actual straight reality. That being said, it's entertaining as all get-out. Plus, we have to watch it -- we do have reps to uphold.


On another note, my mom stuffed my and SLY B's Christmas stockings with pop paperbacks, which I've been enjoying of late (taking a break from the puffy shirt stuff for a bit, just to make the two books I've got left last a bit longer).

I'm reading The Broker a little John Grisham novel. It's damn good. There's dirty politics, an inept President, CIA misinformation, and the FBI is chasing shadows. Sound familiar? The main character, the broker, is in prison for life for trying to sell secrets to foreign governments. On his last day in office the dopey President is convinced by the evil, scheming CIA Director to pardon the broker so that he would be taken out by one of the many groups who would love to see him dead. The CIA would do the job itself, but there's apparently a rule that they can't kill US citizens. So they (CIA) whisk him off to Italy and give him an Italian identity to assume. He is immersed in the language and culture, and things get exciting from there. I'm about 1/2 way in, and it's been a lot of fun so far.

I'm also just finishing up a Stephen King two-fer. I just finished off Cell a pretty neat zombie story that I won't spoil because I know Janet is into it now. It was scary as hell in places, and really enjoyable. What I will say is that there is a movie coming out in the near future called The Signal and I think S.K. has been totally ripped off. The second King book I'm over half-way through right now is an audio version of Lisey's Story narrated by Mare Whittingham. It's a freak show, to be honest. It started out interesting enough -- grieving widow fighting with her late husband's admirers over his papers. The late husband is Scott Landon, a famous writer who died a few years prior to our story. I was into the story until the widow, Lisey, started traveling to Scott's childhood dreamland/safe place/nut barn/I'm not sure what to call it "Booya Moon." I'm going to finish it, but right now, it's a big "meh" for me. As Randy Jackson would say, "it just wasn't that good for me."


To sum up, Galactica season 4 - YAY; The L Word season 3 - silly; The Broker - not bad at all; Cell - good, scary, and stolen by the people making The Signal movie; Lisey's Story - skip it.

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