Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Night Randomness

  • I'm pretty sure that Sly B and I have just suffered through H1N1. It was not H1Nfun. I almost feel good enough now to remember what feeling human is like. *cough*
  • I had a dream about my kid brother Friday night that left me missing him a lot. That makes me really mad at him. If you're reading this, you little turkey, pull your head out of your ass before it's too late.
  • I'm reading Blood Engines by T. A. Pratt, and enjoying it. It's book 1 in her Urban Fantasy series. So far, my review is: not bad.
  • We watched Wolverine last night and enjoyed it. Good origins story for someone who hasn't read ALL the X-Men or Wolverine comics. I've only read the Whedon X-Men stuff personally.
  • This past Friday's Dollhouse episode was excellent. I'm disappointed that this show will most likely be canceled in December, but I will admit that it hasn't been consistent or strong. There have been some wonderful episodes, and the themes in the show are deep, but I don't know if TV wants deep.
Back to my coughing corner . . .

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