Thursday, July 02, 2009

Books and Birthday Hauls

I haven't had great luck with books lately.
  • I picked up and put in a concerted effort (150 pages) to get into The Etched City by K.J. Bishop. I just wasn't feeling it. It could be me, so I just put it aside and may pick it up again some day.
  • I'm listening to a Dan Brown novel (abridged, thank god) called Digital Fortress. It's like he's never met a woman. I only have 50 minutes left, so I'm gonna power through.

For my birthday, I got tons of gifts -- more than I needed to receive x the power of n. I have survived these 38 years, and am working on a 39th as I type this.
  • Sly B surprised me with a wonderful collection of Tank Girl omnibuses, the first of which I'm totally into at the moment. She also got me the film on DVD, a few other DVDs . . . cough . . . , and a t-shirt with a pinata and the caption "I'd Hit That." She took me to Boulder on Sunday for lunch, let me pick out a neoprene condom for my MacBook, and a pick-your-own 6-pack of microbrews at the best liquor store in Boulder County. She also made me lazagna, which, ahem, does it for me. I have a rant cookin' about the employees of the Boulder Apple Store - watch for that.
  • My parents came to visit last Saturday night as well. B had bought my mom a huge amount of king crab legs for her birthday, and we gorged out on them. My folks gave me a new crock pot, Seasons 4 and 5 of The Wire on DVD, two pair of underpants (their older, ok?), and a really neat embroidered tunic. My mom called the other day to say she'd also gotten me and B lunch boxes.
  • 2Rays hooked me up with some iTunes, with which we rented a few movies Saturday night (Inkheart, which we watched and liked okay and Role Models, which we haven't seen yet). I also picked up some Michael Jackson songs.
  • A work friend gave me a Starbucks gift card.
  • IronicPink sent me Trueblood Season 1 DVDs. Rumor has it she also knitted me a hat.
So, to recap, sometimes books aren't great and I am spoiled.

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EssBee said...

Oh, and B got me the Tank Girl soundtrack CD, and my grandma gave me $50 with which we rounded out our Dresden Files book collection and have $25 to spare.