Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TV Round-up

I have been watching A LOT of TV this Spring. Here's a round-up in brief:
  • Battlestar Galactica still makes my top ten shows list, even after THAT ending. Why, I ask you, does it always have to be God? Setting the last 5 minutes of the finale aside, it was such a beautiful series.
  • Life on Mars (U.S.) was a fun series, and I was sad that it was canceled so soon. I like the concept behind how they resolved the series, and thought it was kind of smart to take the stolen British series title literally in this imagining. But it seemed rushed and thrown together (and probably was, given the show was suddenly canceled). I agree with one critique (from Slice of SciFi's Crazy Joe) that asked, if Gene Hunt was Sam's father, who the hell was the father in the 70's?!
  • I just binged on Jericho Season 1 on DVD and Season 2 on Netflix Online. What a great show, and a left-wing parable. "It's not a country, it's a company."
  • Life was one of our favorite series, and we were really sad that 1) NBC decided to cancel it, and 2) that Sarah Shahi was left out of most of the second half of this season because of her pregnancy. Still, we love the character of Charlie Crews and enjoyed the resolution (though were maybe a bit confused by parts of the plot -- again, it was probably rushed because of cancellation). This will probably be one we'll have to get on DVD when we see a good sale.
  • Despite my distaste for most of what I know about the work of Diablo Cody, we really enjoyed Season 1 of United States of Tara. We will be tuning in again for Season 2. I really like the family, even though Tara's sister reminds me of a yukky work person.
  • I am still enjoying mightily: Dollhouse, 30 Rock, The Sarah Connor Chronicles (which has ended - I'm just behind), LOST, and Fringe. We are getting into The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency now and enjoying it, and I am already two episodes behind on the new season of The Tudors. The Law & Order shows are always enjoyable.
  • I have tried to watch Kings, but find the writing way too heavy-handed when held up against all the good stuff out there. I have recorded The Unusuals, partly to catch the last minute of LOST that my DVR tries to deprive me of, and partly out of interest - haven't watched it yet. Heroes has lost me.


EssBee said...

Forgot to mention Castle. We're enjoying that as well. I <3 Nathan Fillion.

EssBee said...

Oooh, and Bones. Love Bones.

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