Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Music Review - The Soundstage Sessions

***Note: Today has been an extremely emotional and draining day. I have lots to say about the Angie Zapata verdict, but not today.

I recently -- okay, on the day it was released, which was last Tuesday -- picked up the new Stevie Nicks album . . .

. . . oh, who am I kidding. I am a fanatic, and am not going to review Stevie. Even if she sounds a lot older, and even if her voice ain't what it once was, and even if the songs are a little slower, I HEART Stevie. Sycophantic? Maybe. I don't care. The song, "If Anyone Falls" is wonderful on this compilation. The cover of Dave Matthews' "Crash" is also wonderful.

15 out of 10 nipples. Best thing ever. Love this.

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