Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I've been doing this thing lately where I think about something I'm grateful for everyday. It jus came about when I noticed that during the times I start feeling grumpy or put-upon, if I think about something fantastic in my life, I feel much better. Oddly enough, thinking of things to be thankful for is quite simple for me. I'm convinced they are infinite and if I started a list, I'd run out of ink before I ran out of things. This thing-to-be-thankful-for takes no thinking on my part, but it does warrant a blog post, just to get it out there in the ether and swirling around with the shadow particles (yeah, I just finished reading His Dark Materials again).

For the last five days I've been fighting a terrible cold, or virus, or flu, or evil spirit...whatever it was, it was bad. I hadn't been that sick in years. I'll save you the details. Suffice it to say, I could not lay flat, so attempted sleep in the recliner for five days. As I emerge from the fog of illness I am thankful for: #1, as always - EssBee. She took such good care of me. In the midst of it, she even posted that I'm the girl of her dreams. I don't know what I did do deserve her, but I am so much the better because of her - in every way. Secondly, I feel beyond privileged to have a job in the first place with the economy tanking all around us. But I also have a job where I can take 4 sick days, get paid for them and not worry about losing my job. I've have jobs where neither of these were true.

Gods Damn, I'm the luckiest girl in the world. (...even if it outs me as the world's sappiest, musical lover...) Somewhere in my youth, or childhood. I must have done something good.

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