Monday, February 23, 2009

Burning Rant

Sly B and I try to be as green at home as we can. Toward that end, we bought a pellet stove about two years ago. It took us a while to get used to the back of the house being cold, considering that's where we sleep and shower, but we made it work. Now we LOVE the stove, and hate it when we have to turn on the furnace.

Somewhere around the holidays, we bought a ton of pellets, and I am here to warn all who read this not to make the same mistake we did. The brand: Confluence. The results: an hour cleaning session to get the resin chipped out of the stove yesterday. My mood: pissed off.

Confluence sells pellets made from the beetle kill pine in the Colorado mountains. The bags claim that the pellets are all-wood, but my wrists that ache from scraping and chipping beg to differ. These are jalopy pellets. Do not buy them

The story has a happy ending. We burned the last of that ton (and they burned damn fast - they lasted 3 months) on Friday, and are now the happy owners of a ton of Rocky Mountain pellets. My new best friend and pellet dealer assures me that I won't be unhappy.

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