Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mmmm..What is that secret ingredient?

I recently spent three glorious days visting family down in rural southern Colorado. That area makes my whole being sing for so many reasons, but this blog is to document a great recipe my mom made.

Mom made tostadas for my grandma, me, and her for dinner. She decided that she wanted to make some pico de gallo since she had some jalapenos she needed to use up. While she chopped and mixed, I was sharing stories with her from a visit I had had that morning with my 98 year old great, great aunt (seriously, she's really great). My mom and I were laughing and laughing and all of a sudden a deluge of vavas (english translation: drool) fell out of my mom's mouth and into the bowl of pico she was mixing. This made us laugh all the more and I swore not to tell my grandma. The pico really was amazing. Grandma thought it was the oregano, but I think it might have been something else.

Mom asked me not to tell EssBee for fear that then EssBee wouldn't want to eat anything she cooked. I warned her I would have to share the story. mom is a bit dangerous when laughing. Many years back, she was playing a board game with my younger brother and I and we were all drinking giant cups of tea. She took a drink of tea and my brother said something crazy and all of a sudden he and I were sopping wet with what had a moment earlier been in her mouth. Perhaps the lesson is to make sure you sit well back from her and that she is not cooking if there is even a slight chance of laughter.


EssBee said...

While this story warms my cockles, I can't say I'm sad that I wasn't there to eat or not eat the pico. That would have been a tense daughter-out-law moment.

2raysmama said...

That is some disturbing shit. Seriously. :)