Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Sly B and I are on vacation and enjoying ourselves so, so much. I am sorry that I've been absent here, but just haven't had anything to say.

Yesterday, we saw Milk, the Harvey Milk biopic. Milk was the San Francisco city supervisor who was assassinated along with the city's mayor 30 years ago.

I first heard about Harvey Milk when I was very young, very scared, and just coming out. The idea that an out gay man could have, in the 70s, been elected to major office in a large city was incredible to me. He was the figurehead of the (mostly white, male) national gay rights movement that sprung up around fighting anti-gay ballot initiatives around the country that are very similar to those we are battling now. Milk was an inspiration -- middle-aged men today tell the story of how, as teenagers, they saw Milk in the newspaper and decided not to suicide. The film depicts two stories about that very thing - one in a phone call Milk received from a boy in Minnesota. That was probably my favorite moment of the film because I knew a man in Pueblo who told me an almost identical story.

The film was wonderful. Sean Penn channeled Milk, and the other actors obviously also did their homework. There is a lot of material out there to compare these performances to. If you haven't seen the great documentary The Times of Harvey Milk, I would recommend that first, and this film second. I think that this year's film is impressive especially in comparison to the footage of the real political figure.

10 out of 10 Christmas nipples.

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