Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Just Call Us Aunties!!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Baby Girl was born today in Canada, eh. (That makes #12 in the gaggle of nieces and nephews being collected by EssBee and Sly B.) Mama and baby are healthy and baby girl weighs in at 8 lbs. 4 oz. The rumor is she looks just like her older sister. This would mean she looks heart-stoppingly stunning, yet endearingly mischieveous. If the naming of her brother set a precidence her official name is still a month or so away. Until then, we will call her "Working Title" a.k.a. Baby Girl a.k.a Another-Gorgeous-Girl-To-Spoil-Stinky-By-Aunties-EssBee-and Sly B. Ah, auntiehood. A'int nothin' like it. Welcome to this crazy world, Baby Girl!


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EssBee said...

I expect great big things from this little girl. I know she's going to be a super hero, and will save us all.

Announcement: No longer answering to "working title", her name is Mariah Jade, aka MJ.